The Aboriginal Equation By Tamika Worrell

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HOW TEXTS OFFER SIMILAR YET DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES ON INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS’ EXPERIENCES The experiences Indigenous Australians go through impact their struggle to keep their cultural practises, land, rights and traditions alive. The specific 4 texts, ‘The Rabbits’ picture book by Shaun Tan, ‘No more boomerang’ by Oodgeroo Noonuccal, The Aboriginal Equation by Tamika Worrell and ‘Racism is Destroying the Australian Dream’ publicly stated by Stan Grant all tell different perspectives on Aboriginal peoples’ experiences while all having a main similarity; Something being taken away. The Rabbits, by John Marsden and Shaun Tan, is a picture book showing the Aboriginal people’s perspective towards the British Colonisers taking over their land and affecting the Indigenous people. Evidence to …show more content…

Evidence of quotes to support this includes “I am now a secondary teacher because I don’t want any Indigenous students to go through what I did”, “By being fair-skinned I have privilege that other mob don’t have”, “I have developed a thick skin” and “I’m not an equation or percentage for you to work out”. In the first quote, cause and effect is used to show what she went through in secondary school and how she’s trying to prevent it from happening to others. Concession is used in the second quote as it relates to the perspective of the darker skinned Aboriginals which links to how both light/dark skinned Indigenous people receive racist treatment. A metaphor in the third quote is used to show that she has come a long way and is now stronger. In the final quote, a self reference to the title is demonstrated which also represents her standing up for herself. The Aboriginal Equation is a text that shows Tamika Worrell’s perspective of her treatment through her life as a lighter skinned

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