The Bluest Eye Analytical Essay

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When asked to describe the ideal American family one would most likely say nuclear, working dad, stay at home mom etc. Depending on your own personal believe, the ideal american family can be described in various ways. But, did one of your descriptions include having white skin? When you google ‘ideal american family’ a particular type of family pops up in the images category dominating the first several image slots. These several images have multiple things in common blonde haired white families. Is this a coincidence or do most people really believe blonde haired white people are ideal? In The Bluest Eye one of many themes in the story is that whiteness is beautiful and black is ugly. This theme is greatly expressed throughout the novel. Past society, present society, and in the book it is found that people have a preference for whiteness over things, or people, of color. This builds up the question of is black girls self-hatred influenced by society or is it just natural.

We learn in Chapter 1 Pecola loves to drink out of the Macteer’s Shirley Temple cup. Pecola is so fascinated with the idea of having blonde hair with blue eyes, which is basically what a perfect, beautiful, …show more content…

Pecola’s own mother treats Polly, a young white girl Mrs.Breedlove works for, better than her own daughter. You could assume that maybe it’s because she works for her, or maybe because she’s white, which is my strongest belief considering the fact that this book deals a lot with white people or lighter skinned get treated better than darker skinned people. Was it a natural reaction that she scolded her black daughter who genuinely made an innocent mistake and comforts the little white girl or was yelling at a black child and praising a white one fixed into her

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