The Book Isaac's Storm By Erik Larson

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The name of the book is “Isaac’s Storm” and the authors name is Erik Larson. Erik was born in Brooklyn, New York. Larson was received on January 3, 1954. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1976, with a degree in Russian History. He then went back to New York to attended graduate school at Columbia University to study journalism. Erik Larson is now a journalist and a non-fiction author with multiple best sellers. He began writing small stories for newspapers, and worked his way up all the way to the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and The New Yorker. Which is already a huge accomplishment for a lot of writers. Erik Larson is married and has three daughters, the live in Seattle, Washington. He started his career, …show more content…

It happened in Galveston, Texas. There was a very small chance to survive, if you stayed in Galveston. It destroyed just about everything and everybody that was there. In the very first chapter of the book it illustrates the events and emotions that happened on the day the storm had hit. The main character of the book was Isaac Monroe Cline. Who at the time was the Chief Meteorologist for the U.S. Weather Bureau in Galveston, Texas. On the day the storm was coming, he knew something was just not quite right and he wanted to find out what it was. “Waking to a persistent sense of something gone wrong”(3). This chapter tells a lot about the people who lived, and the ascending population and goods that are coming to Galveston. In the first part of the book, he talks about the weather conditions in Africa on how it was causing the temperature in the United States to be overwhelmingly hot. And how these temperatures can cause hurricanes. The novel discusses on just how Mr. Cline became so interested in weather. “His greatest dream was to write a scientific treatise on something, anything”(29). He had studied past weather conditions, so he would be able to predict future forecast more accurately. So he knew that writing about weather could possibly help him achieve his goal for writing a treatise. Cline was working with the …show more content…

Everybody knew that a storm was coming, and everyone had different opinions on whether or not the storm was going to hit Galveston and if it did how severe it was going to be if it did hit. Clines opinion was almost for sure that the storm was not going to hit Galveston. But it did end up hitting write on the coast of Galveston. Once the storm had hit, water began rushing down the streets and separating houses from their foundation. It swept anything that was in its way. The water was at the top of two story houses. So it was hard for people to stay in their house for protection against it. Once the storm had passed and the few survivors that were left, you could see just how disastrous the storm really was. “A sea of wreckage spread in every direction. Houses had disintegrated. Isaac looked for landmarks and saw none”(230). He says this to describe, just how bad it was. You could walk down your own street, that you have lived at for years and you would not even recognize it, from all the damage the hurricane had done. Months had went by and the city of Galveston was rebuilding. This time they built a seawall to prevent from future storms like this and also to elevate the city above sea level to prevent future flooding too. The chapters are separated by different locations throughout the storm and how some city’s had gotten it worse than other places. The intended audience probably sways more to the actual

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