Explain How Successful Was The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was an unsuccessful revolution. First, the Reign of Terror hugely contributed to how the revolution was unsuccessful. Specifically, countless number of people died for no reason. Second, unique individuals and groups that helped shape France weren’t a satisfactory for the people. Third, the revolution started with monarchy and ended with monarchy; there were no changes in the form of government. In other words, the goal of the revolution wasn’t achieved. Overall, the French Revolution was an unsuccessful revolution because there was a hefty price to pay for an unsatisfied result. One of the most apparent failures of the French Revolution was the “Reign of Terror.” It was the bloodiest time of the French Revolution, with over fifteen thousand people executed by the famous national razor, the “Guillotine.” Marie Antoinette and Revolutionary George Danton were two of the thousands who were executed. One swift drop of the giant blade down on a person’s neck, makes their head roll. This device allows a faster execution process and was meant to be a more humane mean of execution. During this event, everyone had to be very careful and cautious with their actions and their words. It was a time full of chaos, filled with frustration and everyone would be worried. One wrong move that showed signs of supporting the monarchy or disliking Robespierre’s actions could result in their death. All these people died just because they went against this one man, Robespierre, in any shape or form. Their death was really …show more content…

This was a group run by five people and was no different, compared to when King Louis XVI and Robespierre was in charge. The humans of France weren’t a fan of Louis XVI, as he did nothing for the nation and its people. In addition, they didn’t like Robespierre. He brought blood and death to everyone. Their attitude towards the Directory wouldn’t be any

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