The Crucible 7 Deadly Sins Analysis

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The history of humanity is essentially a long string of ups and downs, rights and wrongs, Golden Ages and Great Depressions. While it may seem to the average person like humanity has made great strides, many historians believe that within the last 3,400 years, humans have only been at peace for 268 of them. The time left over, which is 3,132 years, are times of war, including World War I and II, the American Revolution, Hundred Years War, even the Fall of the Roman Empire; this time also includes many sins, wrongdoings, and accusations of the innocent. The concept of sin has been the inspiration for many works of literature. One great writer who took inspiration from those scenarios is Arthur Miller. The Salem Witch Trials inspired his Broadway …show more content…

The story follows the village of Salem, Massachusetts through the accusations and exploitations of the Salem Witch Trials. In The Crucible the commitment of the seven deadly sins of two main characters lead to their own demise and that of many others. John Proctor is one example of a character whose sins and actions lead to deadly consequences. The first illustration of John’s sins is his lust towards Abigail. John and Abigail have an affair and even when he told her to forget that it ever happened “[Abigail’s] concentrated desire destroy[Ed] his smile,” (Miller 1108). Although John “think[s] of Abigail from time to time,” he knows lechery is wrong and confessed to it on multiple occasions (Miller 1108). Consequently, John’s lust for Abigail leads to his own demise. When he confessed to lechery in court, the court takes Abigail’s side. John becomes angered by the …show more content…

The Salem Witch Trials are one of many horrible times throughout history where the accused innocent and convicted of crimes they did not commit. Some might compare the Salem Witch Trials to the Holocaust, or the Khmer Rouge in late 1970’s Cambodia. Although times of discord greatly outnumber those of peace, humanity learns from its mistakes. We take the mistakes of our ancestors and try our hardest to never let them happen again. We teach our children in hopes that they never let these horrific events happen again, and that they will teach their children to do the same. Maybe one day the statistics will flip. Maybe one day, 3,400 years from now, humanity will look back and see the opposite of what we see now. Perhaps one day, mankind will look back at history and see that we have only had 400 years of war and 3,000 years of peace. Perhaps one day, society will listen and think instead of fight and accuse. For all one knows, future historians will look back on this time and think we are insane for fighting like we do. All one can do is hope. Hope for our future. Hope that one day the years of peace outnumber

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