The Crucible Significance

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In addition, this organization was established around 1938 and this origination was established because of the red scare and the overwhelming fear of communism spreading to the west. The primary Purpose of H.U.A.C.( House Un-American Activities Committee) was to investigate communistic influences and put an end to it. A common question most people would hear, if they were interrogated by of H.U.A.C was, " Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communistic Party? " This origination would go around excusing a lot of people being Communists or communist sympathizers, many of these people were even communist or communist sympathizers. The H.U.A.C was known for running carriers one of these carriers was Arthur Miler. From Miller’s two plays ( Death of a salesman and The Crucible ) this led to the H.U.A.C calling in Miller in 1956. …show more content…

They were trying to make Miller confess for something he hadn’t done, similar to what happened to John Procter in the crucible . This is another quote of Miller reflecting about his experiences with H.U.A.C,” I have made more friends for American culture than the State Department. Certainly I have made fewer enemies, but that isn 't very difficult.” Well any ways after the encounter Miller had with the H.U.A.C , the H.U.A.C convicted Miller of contempt of Congress , this conviction was later reversed around 1958. Miller refused to testify and his punishment was that he was blacklisted by Hollywood , this impacted his career allot. The house of un-American activities made him think ways he didn’t want to think , they dictated his life and he decision to against their wills made him their

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