The Crusades Dbq Documents

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The Crusades were a series of nine wars that failed to get the holy land. They would fight both Christians and Muslims. They committed many atrocities, leaving a bitter hatred. They destroyed many communities, cities, and many lives were lost. They even caused the Byzantine political unit to not recover. The Crusades even caused the relationship between Jews and Muslims to worsen. The Crusaders acts were also negative because they didn’t just destroy cities and communities, they also destroyed empires. The Crusades caused so much destruction to cities and communities, and also cost many innocent lives lost. They even fought for no reason, but to take their fury out! Document 1 states, “ In Europe, crusaders sometimes turned their fury against Jews, massacring entire communities” (unknown source 1). …show more content…

They destroyed empires. Document 4 states, “ ….the Byzantine Empire as a political unit never recovered”(unknown author 4). This relevant because this piece of evidence tells us that the Crusaders did much more damage to communities other than war. The damage of the political unit of the Byzantine’s was one of the reasons why the empire fell. Document 4 also states, “ … the Fourth Crusade was a reunion of Greek and Latin churches, made a split between the Greek and Latin churches permanent” (unknown author 4). This is interesting because the Crusades also made a split between the Greek and Latin churches. So it’s nice to know that the Crusades did much more than just pillage other towns. They caused much religious and political damages. Based on this evidence, the Crusaders did not only go and destroy cities. They caused much damage to the religion, causing them to be hated much more for these acts. In conclusion, the Crusades causes so much damage to the environment and the religion. Because of this, they were hated by many. Based on these reasons, the results of the Crusades were

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