The Destruction Of Family In The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas

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Starr Carter has seen a lot in her short period of life, including two of her best friends getting killed. This will stay with her for the rest of her life. However, it will not stop her from fighting for what is right. In The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas illustrates how family is an ongoing support system through Starr’s journey experiencing multiple tragic events. Starr is very close with her parents. They might not always see eye to eye but they will always be there for each other. Soon after the incident with Starr’s friend Khalil, Lisa, and Maverick, Starr’s parents take her home. Ever since that day, Starr has never been able to forget any aspects of the day. “Daddy carries me to bed, and Momma brushes her fingers through my hair until …show more content…

Starr and her older half-brother, Seven are a great example of having such a special bond. At school, while Hailey and Starr start to fight, Hailey’s older brother steps in. As her brother goes for Starr, Seven jumps in. “Get your hands off my sister!” Seven says”. (342) From the beginning of the book, we don’t know much about Seven, but after Khalil’s death, readers see more of Seven and the relationship he shared with Starr. Seven sacrificed getting kicked out of school and or losing scholarships to help Starr out. Seven has shown kindness throughout the book and has proved multiple times that he would do anything for his little sister. After the truth came out about the officer killing Khalil and not getting arrested, Seven shows his support for Starr, “Fuck this Starr, whatever you wanna do, I'm down. You wanna burn some shit, we’ll burn some shit up. Give the word.” (389) Seven then drove Starr, Chris, and DeVante around to the riots to fight for justice for Khalil. Even as a half-brother to Starr, he gave every opportunity to treat her as a full sister, which shows how loving he …show more content…

A relationship you have with a family member that is not your parents will always be special and different compared to siblings or parents. “Uncle Carlos’s promises are guarantees, sometimes even more than my parents.” (56) This quote shows how Starr can trust her Uncle Carlos no matter what. Uncle Carlos has been with Starr since day one. While Starr’s dad, Maverick was in jail at the beginning of her life, she spent a lot of time with Carlos, which led them to create a great bond. Starr even said “Once I asked if I could call him Daddy. He said no, because I already had one, being my uncle was the best thing he could ever be.” (120) This quote shows how important Uncle Carlos was and still is to Starr. He has always been by her side and she hopes he will continue to

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