The Devil And Tom Walker, The Man In The Black Suit,

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Literature has been around for many ages. There are many different types of literature fro. many different times. The way people write has changed throughout the years. American literature is commonly talk about because it is well liked, although sometimes it can be hard to understand if you are currently a student. There is nothing quite like the stories that were written in this time. The Devil and Tom Walker, The devil and Daniel Webster, The Man in the Black Suit, and The Scarlet Letter all things in common because they all describe the devil in a special way along with authors of the stories were all men.
The story The Devil and Tom Walker is placed in an older time frame because the devil is protecting an old pirate's treasure. America was still coming together and this story could be an example that the men that were …show more content…

The boy wakes up to the devil killing the bee that is on his nose. The main character, Gary, then notices the tall scary man whose fingers are clawed shaped. His eyes are burning and he is wearing black. When the devil opens his mouth he shows teeth that are very sharp and Gary notices he smells like something burning. the devil comes tinues to tell Gary that his mother is dead and other terrible news. Gary throws a fish at him and gets away from the devil. Gary later is scared for his own death for he may have to meet with the devil again.
The devil in The Scarlet Letter is also different. The devil is more like the common person because I believe that Chillingworth has the duties as the devil does. He makes sure he Dimsdale lives with the sin that he had done. Chillingsworth works day in and day out making Dimmesdale sick with work that people will find out what he had done. It's so bad that Dimmesdale starts to do self harm. Chillingworth even goes about so that hester knows what she had done was wrong too and he makes her life like she is walking on

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