The Failure Of Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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A sea of Romans roar as their soon to be King parades through the street. Julius Caesar was loved and cherished by all who knew him. Next to him stood Marcus Brutus, the second most loved in all of Rome. Unfortunately, there are those who worshiped Caesar, and there are those who would rather see him dead. The Conspirators, led by Gaius Cassius Longinus, would stop at nothing to get Brutus on their side and most of all, kill Caesar. The intent of Cassius may have seemed optimistic to the Romans, but he in fact thrived off of jealousy. It was the well thought out plan by the Conspirators that resulted in the death of the most beloved leader in all of Rome. But, without Brutus, the plan would have failed. Brutus is a hero, because of …show more content…

He also believed in the good of Rome and it’s people. He was the noblest of all men, according to Marc Antony, supporter of Caesar. When humans are faced with temptation, especially from those we trust, it can be hard to resist. This was true when the Conspirators asked Brutus to join them in their fight to kill Caesar. Brutus was reluctant, like any loyal friend would be, but he believed in the good of the Republic. The Conspirators needed Brutus on their side, because he was well liked by the people of Rome. Thus, having his approvable would show the rest of the Republic that the Conspirators meant well. In order to seal the deal, Cassius had one of his loyalties, Cinna, plant forged letters all over Rome for Brutus to find. In these letters, “townspeople” wrote to Brutus explaining how much they disliked Caesar. It was intended for Brutus to believe these letters, which he did. Brutus agreed to help kill Caesar only because he thought he was helping the people of Rome. If the Conspirators would have never asked him to join, Brutus would not have given killing Caesar a thought. If Brutus would have never seen the forged letters, he would have continued believing the people of Rome trusted in Caesar. Brutus remains a hero, because his intentions never faltered, and he always fought for

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