Analysis Of The Gangster We Are All Looking For By Ley Diem

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Have you ever wonder what your life will be like when you have a chance to live in a different country other than you motherland? There are many challenges and obstacles people usually face when they start their new life in a new country. Moreover, people can totally change their life in different way due to their change in cultural environmental. The same situation has been demonstrated in the novel “The Gangster We Are All Looking For” by Le Thi Thuy Diem, an immigrant from Vietnam who left their motherland for freedom and new life. The novel “The Gangster We Are All Looking For” is a narrative fiction novel in which it describes the important of cultural differences, consequences of war and the maturity of the author.
Cultural differences is something important to the author herself that somehow helps her to become what she is really today. In the beginning of the novel, there are many traumas deal with cultural differences that the author undertaken. One of the traumas she experienced is when she 's in the United States living with Melvin and his mother, she felt like "she doesn 't want to wear American dress" (Le 16,17). This is understandable when a six-year-old girl wanted to keep her Vietnamese traditional culture. And because she is young, …show more content…

She seems to be out of place. First of all, she is a stranger to the rest of the class. The strangeness is expressed in her Vietnamese body with the

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