The Great Gatsby Quotes Analysis

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he lies and betrayal all due to his obsession with Daisy lead James Gatz into a downward spiral. The main character James Gatz nicknames Gatsby falls into different holes of temptation when returning from war and finding his old lover Daisy Buchanan who is now married and has a daughter with her husband Tom. Gatsby wants nothing more than to win her back and is willing to do anything to be with her regardless of the consequences or its effects on others. His illegal and morally wrong actions in an attempt to be with Daisy transform him into a corrupt antagonist. In The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Gatz is not truly a great man who commits illegal acts out of delusion and lies to himself and others.
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Gastsby goes by a fake name; it is revealed that his real name is “James Gatz-that was really, or at least legally, his name. He had [changed] it” (Fitzgerald 98). He continued to tell others that Gatsby was his real name in an attempt to turn into someone he was not. Lying about his name led him into a downward spiral of lies. It only continued from there when he lied and explained that “[he was] the son of some wealthy people in the Middle west [who are both] dead now.. [as well as] educated at oxford” (Fitzgerald 65). Both of these were later discovered to be lies, his lying about his parents being dead is unforgivable he got unneeded sympathy from others. This lie only leads him into lying about his wealth just to try to win Diasy back while lying to her. Instead of being upfront and honest instead he continued to lie to appear better to others. Nick also described how Gatsby lied to Daisy to make her feel comfortable in his wealth and to seem like the same high class as she was to trick her into having feelings for him. He slipped many different lies into their conversations in an attempt to pursue her. He did not care whom he hurt in the process of his lies and just thought of himself and what he could do to benefit himself. This uncovered his selfish and ulterior motives throughout his lies. Gatsby tried to be someone he was not and

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