The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas

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In Angie Thomas's powerful novel, "The Hate U Give," she explores important issues of social injustice and the need for fairness in our society. Through her characters, she sheds light on the long-lasting effects of oppression faced by marginalized communities. Two quotes from the book depict the struggle against injustice and the call for true equality. Let's explore these quotes and their profound messages, and see how they relate to the ongoing fight for social change. The text follows, "Funny. Slave masters thought they were making a difference in black people’s lives too. Saving them from their 'wild African ways.' Same stuff, different century. I wish people like them would stop thinking that people like me need saving" (Thomas 245). This quote from "The Hate U Give" draws a comparison between past and present attitudes towards exploited communities. The main character challenges the idea that one group can "save" or "civilize" another, pointing out the flaws in this kind of thinking. By highlighting the lack of respect and dehumanization involved in such a mindset, Thomas encourages …show more content…

This powerful quote reflects the pain and frustration experienced by the main character, Starr, as she deals with the unjust killing of her friend by a police officer. Her words capture the deep sense of injustice felt by oppressed communities in the face of systemic violence. Starr questions whether her own life is considered worthless by the person who took her friend's life, highlighting the unequal value placed on different lives. This quote reminds us of the urgent need for justice and the importance of recognizing the worth of every individual, regardless of their race or social status. By highlighting the inequalities in the value placed on human life, this quote sheds light on the broader struggle for equality and emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing systemic

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