The Holocaust: How The Spirit Triumphed Through The Holocaust

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Historians have been debating how the spirit triumphed during the Holocaust for years. The spirit triumphed through the Holocaust through many, many distractions, nature, and the support and love of family and friends. The Nazis had killed, and enslaved so many Jewish people in concentration camps. But, the Nazis couldn’t take their spirit from them. Even though the Holocaust had so many deaths, there were also so much love, and so many good people. People like Anne Frank, Etty Hillesum, and Syvia Perlmutter had to live in ghettos in cities, had to wake up to a heart pounding, scary feeling of death, and were put in and killed in concentration camps. The spirit triumphed through the Holocaust because many still had hope and happiness throughout the Holocaust. To begin with, the spirit triumphed through the Holocaust through nature. In Document …show more content…

In Document A in “Yellow Star” its says “I miss my real doll. And we are all hungry. But there is not enough food for dinner. Mother does not eat her meal. She gives it to me instead. She does not say “I love you” in hugs or kisses, but her love fills my plate, and I gobble it up.” In this example, we see a Jewish family, who lives in a Ghetto of a city, and are very poor. They can’t always get food on the table for everyone. We’re seeing a mother give her meal to her daughter, because she loves her, and that’s how she’s showing it. In Document B in “Yellow Star” it says “I am about to run back, when I spot another pear on the tree, a little smaller than my pear, a little greener. I think of Dora, and I grab it, then turn and run back to the building with a pear in each hand.” The girl knows she could be spotted by the Nazis at any second, but risks her life to get one, small, pear, for her sister Dora. She cares because they’re family. Family stick up for each

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