The House Of The Scorpion Summary

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At the beginning of the book, Matt is introduce in a poor house in the poppy fields with Celia looking after him. The book takes place in Mexico, sometime in the future. In future Mexico, there are such things as clones and Matt is one of them, But doesn’t know about it. In the book, clones are mistreated and called animals. Towards the ending, El patron (Matt’s maker/powerful drug lord) dies, and Matt has to take on the responsibility to basically rule the country, and take over the opium occupation. In the beginning, when Matt is finally introduced to El Patron 's mansion, he loves El Patron and respects him. Little does Matt know that El Patron is Greedy, sneaky, and very powerful. When Matt learns how the world works and how it’s changing, he begins to learn that El Patron cares about nothing but himself. Matt learns that he has been used all these years. …show more content…

The text emphasizes,”Without me You would have never tasted cool water on a hot summer day. Or heard music or known the wonderful pleasure of creating it. I gave you these things Mi Vida. Speak for yourself he owes you nothing, Celia said. I made Matts heart to unstable to transplant” (Farmer

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