The Impact Of Sexism In Hollywood

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Sunny, sexist Hollywood

Women directed just 7% of Hollywood 's top 250 films last year and made up only 11% of writers and 23% of producers, according to The Centre for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University (Colon 2015, prgrh. 2). Sunny Hollywood lies within the city of Los Angeles, California, home of American film industry since early 1900s. Only 50 years back, sexism was a common and normal perception in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that this manner was inflicted on the film industry in Hollywood. However, since that time most of the world seems to have progressed, except Hollywood. In fact, the film industry in Hollywood is not at all reflective of the direction of which society is moving.

Most women in Hollywood working in the film industry experience sexism on a daily basis. Actresses, directors, screenwriters etc. have dealt with prejudice and discrimination for years. Now, more and more are speaking up about the issue, trying to make a change. Female director Lexi Alexander said to the guardian that 99% of women working in the film and television industry have experienced sexism. (Day, Hoggard, Bromwich 2015, prgrh. 10) To back up her statement, she listed these examples;

“I can list endless examples, from the driver who refused to take me because he was told to wait for the director (which was me) to the executives who insist they need a male director for a film about boxing and fighting, then hire a guy who never had

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