The Importance Of Banning The Electoral College

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A sad truth comes to light as the results of a tight race for the next president starts to roll in. The truth is that the dysfunctional system that demonstrates the whole voting process takes the future of America 's leader, the one who will set many precedents and lessons for future generations to come, into the hands of former politicians and notable political figures, who take on the careless and unnecessary role of an elector. These electors are part of a voting system called the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a group of 538 people that are elected at state conventions to officially vote for the next presidential candidate based on each state 's popular vote. This structure is old and should be banned for several reasons. …show more content…

It was supposed to be a check-and-balance system in the voting process and was not supposed to cause any further complications. However, the Electoral College turned out to be a mere but powerful formality. It was created because the Founding Fathers needed a compromise that would balance out the power between the big and small states. Back in the day, the difference in population between the large and small states was just ten to one. Even cities, such as New York City, had only 33,000 citizens residing in it. The divide between rural and urban areas were obscure. The founders of our country did not explore the possibility of cities filled with tremendous amounts of people, or gargantuan states such as California. (Cooper 2) The Electoral College is not a compromise anymore. It is a hackneyed voting system that does not fit today 's generation. Cities are bigger and more populated nowadays, which means the states that hold those big cities might have more electors, and more electors mean that if a presidential candidate wins the popular vote in that big state, then it wins over all the electors ' votes in that state, thus gaining them more votes to win the coveted presidency. This imbalance of power accentuates the dominance that bigger states have over smaller states. The Electoral College is no longer a check-and-balance system anymore. Furthermore, there are no big, world-class, cities in small states. Small states are just generally not as populated as bigger states are. The Electoral College was also made because the Fathers thought that many of the citizens in the U.S. were poorly educated and would not make the smart decision to vote for the more qualified president. However, today, people have radios, television, the Internet, phones, newspapers, and many other tools of technology. It is incredibly easy to obtain information about different political candidates and

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