The Importance Of Fairy Tales

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Fairy Tales are stories that are told to one another or is read to someone about various made up creative imaginative characters. They are used to entertain the children and to develop their imagination. When fairy tale stories are told the children’s moral education is enhanced, it builds their imagination and it helps entertain them. Stories told of fairy tales has been a worldwide culture of children stories for many years and decades. It is one of the genres that has captured the imagination of not only children but adults also throughout the world. Even today they are not understanding how the stories of fairy tales originally originated, spread and evolved. Some doesn’t understand how so many people cannot resist the appeal of fairy tales and the creation behind it no matter how many times it changes. “Fairy tales are informed by a human disposition to action to transform the world and make it more adaptable to human needs, while we also try to change and make ourselves fir for the world” (Zipes, 2012). Jack Zipes wrote this in his book about the culture of fairy tales which majority of the people can relate to the statement because the stories that are told are created from humans to make others feel better and to entertain them. These stories are about finding a magical instrument and some powerful characters that will enable themselves to transform along with their environments and cultures. Zipes says “Fairy tales begin with conflict because we all begin our
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