The Importance Of The Garden City

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There were always efforts to improve the living environment in the nineteenth century.Even Patrick Gedddes spoke about the evils at hte turn of the century.In 1892 Geddes founded the Outlook tower in Edinburgh,a centre in which he could study the whole complex of urban life.He insisted upon a view of all phases of human existence as the base of operations ,an integration of physical planning with social and economic improvements. Patrick Geddes gave voice to the necessity of what was later to become Regional planning. The Garden City One idea in rban design which was developed in nineteenth century ,which has survived until today,is the importance of green spaces in the cities.Ebenzer Howard was disturbed by the haphazard growth and the unhealthy conditions of the cities,he proposed an idea in his book entitled Tomorrow ,published in 1898 and the idea was of garden city.He described a town where the land remains in the single ownership of the community.In the central court all the public buildings would be located and around which all the dwellings would be distributed.The shopping centre would be on the edge of the city and all the factories and the workshops were located at the outskirts of the city.The city would have the population of 30000 people in an area of 1000 acres.The city was surrounded by a permanent belt of agricultural land of 5000acres. He showcases this his idea through the famous diagram of the three magnets.Basically Howard was

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