The Kidnapping And Murder Of Charles Lindbergh Jr.

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It is evident that John Knoll committed the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh Jr. because his handwriting matched the handwriting in the letter, his sketch matched the face of Graveyard John, and he was in cahoots with Richard Hauptmann. Preliminarily, John Knoll had been guilty of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby because he worked together with Richard Hauptmann, who had already been declared guilty of this crime. According to source one, the Nova video, time 24:24, it states, ““Well, my dad heard that these two men, John and Walter, were calling his third man Bruno and the three men were talking about some place called Englewood.” This means that there was a witness that heard the discussion going on. The words ‘Englewood’ indicates that they were talking about the Lindberghs because it was where they lived at the time. More evidence that supports this reason is located on in which it states, “Gene rejoined John who was talking with two men… He did pick up two words, however. One was ‘Englewood’. The other was ‘Bruno’...”And John and Walter were talking to a third man named Bruno, who could be no other than Bruno Richard …show more content…

According to, it states, “In particular, Knoll matches Condon's description of a man with a high forehead, large ears, and a pointed chin. Even more notably, Knoll has a "fleshy development" on his left thumb, just as Condon had described." This shows how the police sketch was amazingly accurate to John Knoll’s face, and details that particularly he had, such as his abnormal thumbs, were also matched. In the Nova video, it also states, “I got a photograph of John and then I set that photograph next to this police sketch and it was a dead ringer.” This shows that John’s face ;was accurately described and drawn as they matched with each other indicating that he was the same man who collected the ransom

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