The Looking Glass Wars Character Analysis

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The Wars Inside Alyss Why do people go through conflicts? When people go through conflicts they change and they become better people. Every character has a chance to make something out of their conflict and the reader sees this in the novel. In The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, he shows that Alyss goes through many conflicts, and how it changes her as a person. Alyss goes through conflicts to help make her stronger and grow as a person. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as childish, kind, and Loveable. The author states in The Looking Glass Wars that “This was not how she should have been using her imagination and she knew it. ‘I just did not want him to catch us.’ She had had the faintest glimmer of an imagination …show more content…

When the author states in the novel “ She was thoughtful, well-read young women, with opinions on a variety of topics such as the responsibility that came with Britain’s military power, the nature of commerce and industry under a monarchy, how to care for the poor and neglected(beddor 95).”In other words they are trying to say that they are recognizing her great qualities about growing up and be a woman. The author is also trying to say that she has matured in intelligence. In the story Beddor says “Miss Liddell didn’t try to impress him-indeed, she gave the impression that she didn’t much care what he thought of her and her and he rather admired that.(Beddor 96)” When the author says this he is saying that he likes that she is confident in herself to not need his opinion. The author is trying to show the reader that she has grown to not need his approval and to just be confident in herself. In the book the author states “The Reverend Dodgson published a sequel to Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland entitled Through The Looking-Glass. Again, his scribblings met with popular success. Alice herself did not read the book, but not long before it publication, and against her wishes, she found herself in the same room with its author.(Beddor 95). The author is trying to say that no matter what Dodgson does she will not forgive him. Beddor says this to show that she is stubborn and can not easily

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