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From a biodiversity perspective, the lionfish is creating a profoundly negative effect on the health of several native species of fish. The lionfish is a fish that always looks to invade and has characteristics that provide them with an advantage in new areas. Lionfish reproduce rapidly and are the strongest creatures overtaking coral reefs today. The spines of lionfish contain venom and can kill numerous species of fish. Lionfish are damaging the communities that live in coral reefs. If lionfish overtake a coral reef, they can consume over one-hundred types of species of fish. Also, the fish that lionfish consume are necessary for habitat health because they regulate algae. Lionfish have been known to exist in various new areas including Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean (Morris, J.A., Jr., and P.E. Whitfield). Lionfish act as …show more content…

Whitfield). Lionfish can disrupt an entire community. In the situation that there is an excessive amount of lionfish located in one coral reef, a high number of killings of native species may result in an extinction. This chance of extinction for a native species exponentially increases if this species only lives in one coral reef. Native coral reef species of fish are being overwhelmed and assassinated by the infamous lionfish. This paper will provide the reader with a synopsis of the biodiversity complications that lionfish cause and several methods that may solve these issues. The factors that contribute to a loss in biodiversity because of the lionfish including the following. First, lionfish reproduction across the ocean is assisted by currents during the initial stages of development for lionfish (Morris, J.A., Jr., and P.E. Whitfield). Lionfish have also been analyzed based on their effects on net

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