The Negative Effects Of Urbanization And River Water Quality

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2.1 Urbanization and river water quality
Due to movement of people from rural to urban areas, physical growth of the urban areas occurs, which ultimately leads to the urbanization, Over the past several years, river systems have always been extensively altered to meet various human demands, which led to them becoming the most intensively influenced ecosystems by human activities on the Earth (Nilsson, et al., 2005 )]. ‘’Among these human activities, the influence of urbanization on river systems was the most significant, and 60% of river systems were changed profoundly because of urbanization in the world’’ as cited by (Nilsson, et al., 2005 ) Recently, a number of studies have been done to understand the effects of urbanization on river water quality. The study manifested on Pearl River Delta Economic Zone is in China, that there is a positive correlation between the rapidity of urbanization and the pollution levels of urban river water. Compared to the rural river water, and urban river water was polluted more seriously, urbanization and urban activities had a significant negative impact on the river water quality (Ouyang, et al., 2006 .).Additionally the rapid urbanization caused a series of changes to the river systems and brought about water degradation in the tuna region in china (Deng, et al., 2015). A practical feature of the urbanization process, including the release of domestic sewage and others in water resources causes changes that may impair the

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