The Nurse In Romeo And Juliet

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The Nurse and Friar Laurence are mentors to Romeo and Juliet throughout the play and provide advice about their love. The Nurse provides advice to mainly Juliet and the advice is helpful up until Juliet stops trusting her after the Nurse saying she should marry Paris. Friar Laurence, on the other hand, provides advice and words of wisdom to Romeo and Juliet when new obstacles arise. When Romeo goes into exile, Friar Laurence mainly helps Juliet and her trying to avoid marrying Paris. Both Friar Laurence and the Nurse are helpful in Romeo and Juliet’s relationship because of their solutions and support for both lovers’ obstacles.
Friar Laurence is first introduced right after Romeo talks to Juliet when she is on the porch and they want to get married. Originally, Friar Laurence was not very compliant to Romeo’s requests at the start and only accepts the offer to marry him and Juliet to unite the family, but over time he is more and more helpful and supportive of Romeo and Juliet’s love. Expert advice is also given at many points
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In order to get the two lovers together, the Nurse even sets up a ladder so that romeo can spend the night with Juliet. The Nurse is even willing to be a messenger for Juliet and take insults from Mercutio to help their marriage and do the right thing. To give confidence to Romeo the Nurse says “Stand up, stand up. Stand, an you be a man./For Juliet’s sake, for her sake, rise and stand.” giving Romeo confidence and to be a man for Juliet (3.iii.88-89). Only when the Nurse tells Juliet she should marry Paris is when she does not do the right thing, due to Romeo and Juliet 's love being true and Juliet and Paris’ love is not. As a mentor, the Nurse does the right thing all the time, except when it comes to marriage advice with
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