The Pearl Of Great Price In The Scarlet Letter

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Pearl of Great Price Pearl, a precious and valuable object that ironically starts off from an object of no value; a parasite or simply a grain of sand that invades the oyster. The allusion to The Pearl of Great Price in The Scarlet Letter means that Pearl is of high value, Hester is seeking a holy life, and due to Pearl, Hester can achieve that. From the commencement of The Scarlet Letter, readers are aware that Hester has a child, but no one knew she would become so influential to Hester and her life. Pearl was the one that saved Hester. By simply existing Pearl was the enticement of sympathy from the spiteful Magistrates. Killing a mother was beyond the cogitable for the town officials. Consequently, Pearl would teach Hester a lesson. From that day, Pearl was Hester 's everything. A glimmer of hope in Hester’s life that had become amiss. “ She named the infant ‘Pearl,’ as being of great price—purchased with all she had—her mother’s only treasure! “ (Hawthorne 92). Pearl was a treasure to Hester and If it were not for Pearl, Hester 's life would have been drastically different. Throughout the book, Hawthorne often foreshadows later events. For example, when Chillingworth talked with Hester in the Prison, Hester says, “Why doth thou smile so at me” inquired Hester troubled at the expression of his eyes. “Art thou like the Black Man that haunts the forest round about us? Hast thou enticed me into a bond that will prove the ruin of my soul?” (Hawthorne 80). This shows how
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