The Power Of Odysseus In The Odyssey By Homer

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The Odyssey by Homer is a book about loyalty, courage and strength. There are very few people that can go through years upon years of suffering and still continue to have the hope of returning home rumbling inside them; there are very few that still dream of their calm and quiet home after 20 years of battle and pain. The majority of people stop trying , give up and forget about what they have left at home. But in this case, Odysseus would never do that. He went through so much pain, tears and brutality. But yet, he has the power of a hero to come home and start over. Most readers know Odysseus as a very vigorous and commanding man. But many do not see his good side, his sensitivity and sorrow, which always seems to be left out. But these feelings and emotions are shown on his way home, which also included how he decided to help his crew. Odysseus decided to help out his crew by thinking of creative ideas to get rid of Polyphemus, and simply by rescuing most of his crew. Without the support of Odysseus, many of his crew would have died and not have made it back home. But instead, readers witness Odysseus getting creative and coming up with an intention to hurt Polyphemus and to eventually blind him in order to break out: “So we seized our stake with its fiery tip and bored it round and round in the giants eye till blood came boiling up around that smoking shaft and the hot blast signed his brow and eyelids round the core and the broiling eyeball burst-.”(9.433-437)
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