The Princess And The Frog Stereotypes

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The Princess and the Frog is about a hardworking and humble girl named Tiana who dreams about one day owning her own restaurant. There’s a twist to this when she meets Prince Naveen when he is in the form of a frog because of the shadow man Dr. Facilier. Since she has a nice ball gown on when they meet, Naveen mistakes her for a princess and thinks that if he kisses her, it will break the spell and he will turn back into a man. This doesn’t happen, however. Instead, Tiana turns into a frog and this starts an adventure as they travel to find the voodoo priestess who can break the spell. I have seen this move probably about ten times and have always enjoyed it, but this is the first time that I really understood and looked at it on a deeper level and saw some of the hidden meanings, stereotypes, and what life was like back then. Dear Reader: I want to convince you that this film is a depiction of how life was for different groups, during the 1920, also known as the Jazz Age. In the movie, Tiana uses Tabasco sauce in her daddy’s gumbo and also in a dish that Mama Odie, the voodoo priestess is making. This hot sauce was very famous and went well with a lot of Cajun cuisine back then. However before railroads, tabasco sauce and other foods were shipped over water, but that took several days to several weeks so “exporters, like Edmund McIlhenny, had to preserve food products by traditional means; smoking, salting, or, as with Tabasco, the use of vinegar” (Bienvenu) After
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