The Red Badge Of Courage Book Report

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The Three Sided Battle I read the enthralling novel 'The Red Badge of Courage ' by Stephan Crane. It took a few chapters to get into the book, however once I did I couldn 't put it down. The action packed novel by Stephan Crane expressed the true horrors and sacrifices of war. Which each page the feelings of a soldier were brought to life, revealing war in its true form. One way to learn about life as a soldier is to take a deeper look, behind the red, white and blue and the cheers of victory. Crane gives us a deeper look, through his amazing characters. Henry Fleming 's, blinded from the true horrors of war enlisted, in hopes of glory from his fellow peers. As hours transformed to days, Henry 's fantasized life as a soldier shattered, …show more content…

Although, guilt soon swarmed throughout him, as he realized his actions. Hearing about the victory, his regiment accomplished, he scoured the land high and low, trying to locate his troops. Some added help he finally did. He laid his eyes upon many wounded soldiers, and envy came to him, their wounds, Red badge or courage 's was a sign, a symbol of bravery and perseverance. His body had one wound, with no courage behind it. With barely any time to rest, the next battle rolled in like a fierce storm. However Henry regretted his mistakes from the last battle, this time determined not to repeat his previous actions. He fought so spectacularly, he caught the lieutenants eye “The lieutenant was crowing. He seemed drunk with fighting. He called out to the youth: "By heavens, if I had ten thousand wild cats like you I could tear th ' stomach outa this war in less 'n a week!"” (111 Crane). The war changed Henry Fleming 's in more ways than one. When he entered, he was foolish and weak, constantly battling his inner demons. At the beginning the thoughts of war constantly clawed at the youth, chewing away at his bravery. But as time, battles and losses came and passed he grew stronger. There are always three sides of a battle, your side, the opposing side and the biggest threat of all, your own internal side. Henry concurred his not only his part in the war, but his own war, and became no longer a boy,

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