The Role Of Loneliness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Loneliness on most of every characters

Loneliness can affect every human even the happiest one ! Someone can have everything, or have a lot of friends but you never know how they feel inside and they can actually feel really lonely, like it they aren 't really include in the group of friends he hang out with that person feel really lonely, like he 's not include in the conversation or the other people around them is actually talking to that person but they don 't really continue a conversation witch can make him lonely. Or if you are maybe the most popular one in the school and everyone like that person, you can actually don 't really know how he feel inside. Through the characters of of mice and men Lennie, Crooks, Curley 's wife are prove by John Steinbeck, that loneliness can affect every human even the happiest one.

Lennie is happy in the beginning because he has George and he believes in his dream of having a farm with a lot of rabbits in different colours, but George is letting down Lennie cause he 's always putting him in trouble so Lennie is alone. He 's trying to make friends with the puppies and the mice but he ends up killing them "That mouse ain 't fresh, Lennie; and besides you 've broke it pettin it ." ~ George [11] and so he end up lonely, when he wants to go to the bunk house, the men 's …show more content…

Crooks appears like an unhappy person to the other mens, because he is always rude and he always stayed on his own, every time the men 's want to go in his room he is always saying no so the others just see him as a rude and unhappy person, he is never been happy just once when he hoped he could be hanging out with Lennie and George, but he said no to himself so he is pretty lonely after. Crook is lonely cause he is the only one with a different colour skin, and so anyone really talk to him, and also he live separately from the other so he 's not connected to the others, and when Lennie tries to be friend with him he 's rejecting him. So he 's ends

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