The Role Of Women In The Renaissance Women

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Renaissance society made drastic changes to the paradigms of society shifting from the Middle age views to a more humanistic evolution. During the Renaissance society shaped the roles and responsibilities for men and woman. The responsibilities of men and woman in everyday life fell into the responsibilities of the wife towards her husband. The role of wife and husband followed strict duties and requirements of the wife for her family and husband. The subordinate role and main responsibilities of woman in the Renaissance was to obey the social barriers bestowed by the government and church to have absolute obedience, love and moderation, towards her authority privileged husband. The standards and social acceptance by society in the Renaissance was the dominant role of men over woman. Woman had many inequalities in society that promoted the ideals of male dominance inside and outside the household. Numerous restrictions were set on woman both in civil and canon law. Social laws and expectations were held against woman not allowing them to hold office or any significant jobs during that time because their position was to obey and give service to the men. The textbook highlights how the key aspect of a woman …show more content…

Men were given privilege in society and were seen as the ideal figure. Woman rights and involvement in education and key aspects in society was very limited. As previous stated laws of society and common law were restricted to woman and added more to the dominance of men. This was especially seen in the legality of woman. It was necessary for woman to be followed by men at all costs and have a male guard. This demonstrates how woman were not trusted by themselves and not given the rights to be by themselves. Overall, the role of woman portrayed by leading aspects of society was diminished and suppressed by the government and

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