The Secret Garden Analysis

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This novel is about three lonely children: Mary, who is sent to England because of her parent’s death by cholera in India; Colin, a cousin with full of hatred and even more unpleasant than Mary is; and Martha 's brother Dickon, who has the power to delight both people and animals, Without Dickon neither Mary nor Colin would be able to boost their health and happiness as much as they do.

The main character, Mary, is a disagreeable, sour, unhappy, unpleasant and perhaps ugly girl. She has never experienced love because her mother has hardly liked Mary. She is so awfully lonely. Because of her parents’ death by cholera, Mary is sent to England where she is going to learn to experience friendship and magic. She feels good in the secret garden with her new friends and interests so she is going to become a happy and pleasant girl.

Part 2

„It was the lock of the door which had been closed ten years and she put her hand in her pocket, drew out the key and found it fitted the keyhole” (page 92)

The novel’s high point is when Mary finds the secret garden, with a lovely robin’s help. The secret garden is an unique place, that means the happiness and the meaning of life.

Mary gets the key to the secret garden. Afterwards, everything is changing: the garden itself, the personality of Mary and Colin as well.

They are going to observe that life is good if we are able to learn to get friends, to help others and to love life itself. They discover that there is magic everywhere

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