History Of Silk Road Essay

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1. Introduction

2. Silk

3. Origin and History of Silk Road

4. Featured Trips

4. Trade

5. Exchange of Culture and Technological Novelties

6. Spreading of Religions

7. Spreading of Diseases

1. Introduction

Silk road is a name of a network of roads that was connecting Europe with East Asia. Name ''Silk road'' was invented in recent history, in XIX century. Describing trade routes, geographer Ferdinand fon Rihthofen used word "Seidenstrassen", but never really explained its real meaning. Since then word ''Silk road'' was used as a metaphor to describe complex network of trading routes between Asia and Europe. This expression was accepted in both Asian and European countries. …show more content…

One of the most important areas of Silk Road was Indian Ocean. It was important because of very busy trade between Egypt and India, and also development of maritime trade. Silk Road was also important because it made bound between Asian cultures. Buddhists from India took their religion all the way to the China in 100 year a.c. where it was adopted very good. Many Chinese explorers, diplomats, monks and historians went to neighborhood countries to fortify relations between countries. However, around 400 year a.c. Silk Road faced problems. Due to Chinese civil war, barbarian tribes reached to Silk Roads and disabled trades. Around 450 year a.c. connection between east and west were completely broken. By that time, network of roads was far more complex. It was almost 6500 km long. It now started from Chang'an in China, following Great Chinese wall to north-west, passing by borders of Taklamakan desert, crossing Pamir mountains and went through Afghanistan until reaching Levant. From Levant, products were sent by boats in Mediterranean sea to next destinations in

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