The Strongest Leader In Julius Caesar

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The Strongest Leader in “Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare
“Julius Caesar” is a novel by Shakespeare written in 1559. The story takes place in ancient Rome around the time 44 BCE. The story follows the tragic hero Brutus throughout the downfall of a great Roman statesman and general named Julius Caesar. The book begins with the jealous statesmen Cassius forming a group of conspirators to kill Caesar. Cassius convinces Caesar’s close friend Brutus to join the conspiracy. Brutus joins and becomes the leader of the conspiracy because he believes Caesar’s ambition will harm Rome. After the conspirators kill Caesar, they go to war against Mark Antony, a powerful statement who was loyal to Caesar. In the end, Antony prevails and all the conspirators …show more content…

Antony did not join the conspiracy against Caesar because he took into account the facts that showed that Caesar had the good of the people at heart (133-135). The conspirators killed Caesar out of fear that his ambition would not be good for Rome. Caesar’s ambition had not negatively affected Rome yet, so Antony stuck by Caesar. Antony was honorable enough to not turn against an innocent man when there was no current evidence that it was necessary. Antony thought about the facts and his own experience of Caesar, and he went by this instead of acting based on only the fear of the future. Antony had the honor in him to think rationally and go off of actual evidence, rather than fear. Additionally, Antony said how all of the conspirators besides Brutus killed Caesar purely out of jealousy. “All the conspirators save only he Did that they did in envy of great Caesar” (239). Antony was honorable enough to not be envious, but instead hold high regards for a man who had been serving Rome. Antony’s immense honor makes it so he doesn't make rash decisions without real reason. This quality makes him a strong leader because he is able to make wise choices for the people around him without …show more content…

Antony was able to deceive Brutus, making him think he was going to give a speech about Caesar’s achievements (125). Instead, he used his speech to turn the Romans against the conspirators by talking about Caesar's great achievements and goodwill. Antony was able to come up with the plan to sway the Romans because of his high intelligence. He had the brains to gain Brutus trust and use it to his advantage. Antony was victorious in the war because of his ability to strategize well (215). Antony was able to surround Brutus' entire army very easily. He won the war with minimum effort because of his intelligence. His goal was to avenge Caesar and he executed everything to accomplish this very well. All of Antony’s plans were successful, from gaining Brutus trust, to ensuring his death in the end. His smooth carrying out of all this was due to his high intelligence. This makes him a very strong leader because he is able to attain results quickly and

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