The Summer Of 1787 Summary

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David O. Stewart’s The Summer of 1787: the Men Who Wrote the Constitution provides an un-biased historical account on how the constitution came to be. The book begins in post-revolutionary war America under the failed Articles of Confederation to the constitutional convention and through the ratification process of the constitution. It provides the readers with an in depth look at the hard ball the founding fathers played to create a government that could deal with a violent rebellion, mass debt, and the states conflicting goals. The goal of The Summer of 1787 the Men Who Wrote the Constitution is to enlighten readers on how the constitution came to be by illustrating how the founding fathers personalities affected the process by providing a deeper look into these key figures personal life’s and how their experiences shaped their political views. Stewart’s years of practicing law in Washington DC, while often handling constitutional law cases provided a strong foundation to his well-researched, bestselling, and award winning account …show more content…

It does this by establishing a format in the beginning of the novel that stresses the negotiations of the constitution and the mundane processes of its formation. The benefits of reading this book are that it gives you a greater understanding of the actual document and which is one of the main things throughout American history. The book is a recommended read to all Americans due to the fact that it provides an indebt look at the process of writing the constitution form start to finish and also provides unique details about the delegates’ personal lives outside the convention that contributed to each of their effect on the constitution. These details also provide a greater understanding of the men who wrote the constitution while also making the book more interesting for the

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