The Swedish Immigration Controversy

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The controversy I chose for my primary text is the Swedish immigration crisis. The controversy was brought to light during the past decade when the number of incoming asylum seekers from Syria and other countries significantly increased. The far-right, anti-immigrant party’s election polls have also increased drastically during the past few years. This has caused controversy amongst immigrants and Swedish citizens, and has also raised the question of race and racism in the country. This article from The New York Times brings forth two arguments that support the editorial from Al Jazeera. It shows evidence of the rapid racism growth in Sweden, and demonstrates the impact and shock that this has had on Swedes—who have built-in thinking that race and racism is not a problem in the country. …show more content…

They have won 117 Pulitzer prizes, which is more than any other newspaper in the world. This alone makes me deem this source credible. There has been a few incidents when a journalist has gotten bad credit for giving false information or plagiarism. One such case is Jayson Blair, who committed plagiarism and fabrication in his stories. However, whenever these few incidents have occurred, The New York Times has always taken full responsibility and fired who ever was misusing the information. Beside The New York times being a reliable source, I also found that the author of this particular article has used many quotations stating comments and facts that other people have given him. This shows that the author did some research on the matter and was engaged in not only reciting general information by the government but also getting a true perspective of the

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