The Theme Of Chapter 17 The Enlightenment

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Chapter 17 Quiz reassessment Throughout 1550-1700, Europe experienced great developments that helped better their society. This period is known as the Scientific Revolution. During this era, new groundbreaking ways of viewing life and reasoning were introduced in society. In this period the scientific method was created which gave people an organized way to conduct reasoning and research. Through the introduction of the scientific method and new ways of modern thought the Enlightenment era spirals off of the ideas from the Scientific Revolution. The Scientific Revolution ultimately pushed the ideas of individualism and inspired enlightenment thinkers to accomplish what they did throughout the enlightenment era. Although the defining theme of chapter 17 could be individualism, the main defining theme of this chapter is Reasoning because of the new modern ways of thought and thinking that were introduced through reasoning. One new way of thinking included Religious tolerance among religions. John Locke was a philosophe during the enlightenment that strongly …show more content…

Deism was the belief in God based on reasoning instead of basing belief on religion. With the enlightenment changing the way people viewed the world people gained more questions about if the religions were accurate. The belief of deism became more popular as time went on, due to more ways of thinking leading to more questions. One influential Philosophe Voltaire was a Deist in this time. He was highly critical of organized religions during this time. He reasoned his thoughts by believing that everything has a reasoning behind it, and a factual basis to support it. Through Voltaire's rationalization, he proved that reasoning fueled everything, even religion. By him speaking on Deism he is sharing his reasoning as to why he thinks that everything is created like it is. Through this, he is adding changes and improvements to the society around

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