How Does Steinbeck Use Figurative Language In Of Mice And Men

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Best friends are on the hunt to find a job during the Great Depression, will they find a job before it's too late? But finding a job and keeping one will be difficult when you have a mental disability. The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is about two friends who are jobless during the Dust Bowl and are struggling to live. They are trying to get jobs but work is hard to find at the moment and the Lennie, the friend with the mental disability, can't control himself so he can't keep one job. George and Lennie already had to flee one place because Lennie pulled up a womens dress.. The author uses point of view, figurative language, and diction to give the best description of the overall story and the historical connection. The author uses point of view to describe the historical connection because having the story be in third person omniscient lets the reader know all …show more content…

Having figurative language in a book makes the reader want to keep reading. A metaphor used in this book was, "Lennie covered his face with huge paws and bleated with terror" (63). This is comparing Lennie's hands to the size of paws saying that they are big and that he is hiding behind himself. Another example of figurative language in this book is a simile, "The shade climbed up the hills toward the top" (2). This is telling us that night time was

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