The Vietnam War In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

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Did you know during the Vietnam War a process known as the draft lottery was used to draft soldiers into the Vietnam War? Birthdays were randomly drawn and randomly assigned a number between 1 and 365. Men, ages 19 to 25, were drafted into the Vietnam War if their birthday fell within the 1 to 195 bracket. Tim O'Brien, the author of the novel "The Things They Carried" , illustrates his story about being drafted into the Vietnam Wart and his personal experience. The important themes O'Brien uses to help readers understand his personal experience fighting in the Vietnam War is the felling of guilt and love. A soldier's guilt becomes very strong throughout the war. Soldiers feel they are responsible for what happens to each other. In "The Things They Carried", the soldiers felt they were responsible for Ted Lavender's death because they formed a strong relationship with Lavender. …show more content…

Having a relationship and children can become very stressful during the war because one partner is overseas fighting while the other partner is praying fr the partner fighting, taking care of the family, and doing chores. When soldiers leave for war this may be the last moment that a family could see one another because neither the soldier or their family are certain about whether or not the soldier will return home. Throughout "The Things They Carried", Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is questioning whether or not he will ever see Martha, a girl that he meet and dated in high school again. "They'd run into each other he said, at a college reunion in 1979. Nothing had changed. He still loved her. For eight or nine hours, he said they spent most of their time together(27)." Soldiers are also praying that they will be able to return home from the war and show strong emotions for each other and their families. They begin to fell homesick and afraid something terrible has happened at home. The feeling of guilt and love become very strong during the

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