The Wade Davis Bill: Reconstruction In The Confederate States

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Chapter 15: What was the Wade Davis Bill? Answer: The Wade Davis Bill was developed by Representative Henry Winter Davis and Senator Benjamin Wade in order to establish Reconstruction in the Confederate States, which were against the freeing of African Americans. Under this bill, supporters of the Confederacy were required to swear allegiance to the United States in order to be allowed into the Union once again. Most important of all, it abolished slavery. What were the Black Codes? Answer: Black Codes were a tactic created and supported by Southern states to restrict African American freedmen from gaining enough wages to support their families. Although it granted them the right to marriage and owning their own property, they could not testify against whites or even vote. Punishments against African Americans were ridiculously unfair compared to the ones white landowners received for far greater offenses. What was the Radical Reconstruction Act of 1867? Answer: The Radical …show more content…

It automatically freed enslaved African Americans and guaranteed their citizenship. It also said that no State has the authorization to deny any citizen their rights unless first given the proper treatment under the judicial system, which they are entitled to. The 15th amendment guaranteed their right to vote. Over what issues did Johnson and Congress Clash? Answer: Johnson was made president after the Civil War and had to deal with issues arising from conflict between Northerners and Southerners. Contrary to what Congress wanted, Johnson easily forgave the Confederacy and allowed them back into the Union after they swore allegiance to the United States. Johnson vetoed many laws that Radical Republicans proposed, such as those protecting former slaves. These actions caused Johnson to be the first president ever impeached. What measures and policies emerged from that

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