The War Prayer Analysis

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The War Prayer by Mark Twain is a poem that talks about the historical context of war. By reading the poem, one realizes that the act of war is an occurrence that has been with humanity since historical times. The poem aims to reveal that historically, people prepared adequately for the war. They did not just wake up one morning and left for the battlefield. According to the author, the fighters recited prayers and sang patriotic songs that showed that they respected and were ready to defend their flag (Rasmussen 550). The author also reveals that the soldiers went through prayers sessions with the aim of seeking help, protection, and guidance from God. According to the poem, the historical soldiers who took part in the war or who formed the battalions were not as trained as the ones in the modern generations. The poem reveals that the soldiers were chosen randomly while others volunteered to take part in the war. On the same …show more content…

According to the poem, people did not just go to war for the sake of it. However, they went to the battlefield to protect and defend their flag, protect their citizens, and to achieve patriotism while at war. The moral requirement of the war made it clear that it was fine to attack the country that waged war against the other. Similarly, the moral nature of the war did not allow the people to attack others aimlessly. Unlike modern times when war could be waged by a small group of people launching terror attacks on the country or community, they had a vendetta for peace. The historical type of war was launched against one nation that aimed to overthrow the other. The war of the olden days is unlike the current modern days when even individuals can plot and wage war against a nation and its people. On the other hand, soldiers in most countries have modern types of training and use sophisticated methods to attack and take on their

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