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Throughout Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie continually searches for true, unconditional love. Initially, Janie’s grandmother, Nanny, arranges a marriage for her with Logan Killicks. However, she proceeds to run away with a man named Joe Starks, who has an obsession with wealth and power. Subsequently, after Mr. Starks dies, Janie meets a stranger who comes into her store and they play a game of checkers. She feels as though she had known this man all of her life. The young man’s name is Tea Cake, and they quickly fall in love. Primarily, Janie experiences a protective love with Logan as the relationship is a means of security for Janie. Joe Starks’ love is possessive as he values Janie as an object rather than his …show more content…

Nanny wants to protect Janie from the budding sexuality that has occurred with a man named Johnny Taylor. Therefore, Janie’s relationship with Logan is one characterized by protection and security. Logan is a successful landowner, and he is also much older than Janie. Additionally, he offers her financial security and economic stability due to his great successes. Unfortunately, their marriage is absent of true feelings as Janie does not genuinely love Logan. Nanny merely wanted Janie to be in a safe relationship, and therefore, she arranged the marriage with him. Protective love is exhibited by Nanny as she is a caring grandmother and wants Janie to be financially stable and safe. However, the relationship with Logan does not satisfy Janie’s desire for true, unconditional love. A great deal of independence is portrayed by Janie when she decides to leave her marriage with Logan in favor of Joe Starks. Janie begins to make her own decisions and this character trait is established throughout the …show more content…

Throughout the novel, Janie searches for the love that she has always desired, but it is only after experiencing other types of love that she fulfills her desires. Initially, with Logan, Janie attains a protective love provided by Nanny. Logan owns a 60-acre potato farm, representing financial security, and he also drives Janie away from other sexual activity. Joe Starks represents possessive love as Janie is merely a decoration in his shop. She is not allowed to speak on his porch or show her beautiful, dark hair. Primarily, Janie gains strength and courage through these two adverse relationships and finally finds her desired love with Tea Cake. Generally, Tea Cake is a fun-loving, affectionate man who provides Janie with respect, equality, strength, and independence. Janie gains her own sense of self along with a great deal of freedom and fortitude. Tea Cake acts as a catalyst, providing Janie with autonomy and genuine love during a time period in which Africans experienced animosity and

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