Theme Of Muttering Over The Crib Of A Deaf Child By Gary Soto

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As the mom looked at her newborn child with its sleepy eyes and pursed lips she made a vow to herself that no matter what that child goes through, whether they get bullied in school or have nowhere to go, she will love and care for that child. The love that she shows only comes a few times in a person's life and poetry really defines those emotions to portray the feeling of love. The poems “Oranges“ by Gary Soto and “Muttering Over the Crib of a Deaf Child“ by James Write communicate a theme that people will do anything for those that they love.
The Poem “Oranges“ uses symbolism with the oranges to convey love and warmth towards the girl that he has feelings for. The author shows this when saying “and when she lifted a chocolate that cost a dime. I took the nickel from my pocket than an orange, and set them quietly on the counter“ (Soto 32-38). The purpose of these lines was to show that he used the orange to pay for her chocolate out of love and affection for her. The boy wouldn't have used his orange or even paid for her at all if he didn't care a lot about the girl. He also doesn't see the girl as just a friend because later in the poem it says that they were holding hands while walking. This poem relates to the theme …show more content…

The birds that they name throughout the poem represent world challenges that the child will face as they are growing up. It is proven when the author says “And, as for the bird, it is always darkening when that comes out. I will putter as though I had not heard, and lift him into my arms and sing whether he hears my song or not“ (Wright 26-30). It means that it is bad when the world challenges someone but because of the parent, the child will get through it no matter if he can hear or not. This relates to the theme because instead of the parent leaving the child when they struggle he cares and will do anything for the

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