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F451 Theme Constructed Responses Name: Wesley Johnson Block: 4 Due Date: 4-19-23 Teacher: Wenshau Theme Constructed Responses Part 1 of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, The Hearth and the Salamander has a theme of Censorship, and its negative consequences. The book starts by Montag proclaiming the happiness he gets from burning books. This phenomenon was normal in society, people who stayed loyal to their literature would have their house, with all the books inside, burned to ashes. It wasn’t until Montag saw the contents of a book that his mindset changed, “Montag only had an instant to read a line, but it was blazed in his mind” (Bradbury 34). It only took Montag one line to see the value this in depth literature had for people. He got curious after conversations with Clarisse, which led him to examine himself and society. This event happened on a trip to burn a woman's books. Instead of surrendering to the fireman, she stayed loyal, and was burned with her books. Montag had the realization that if someone would die for books, they had to have value. …show more content…

To be enlightened, one must think critically, and form their own opinions, something society in Fahrenheit 451 struggles to do. For example, Faber said “I talk the meaning of things. I sit here and know I’m alive” (Bradbury 71). By saying that he feels alive, he means that he can think critically, and understand what life is about. He says this because it is contrary to the rest of society. Many people, including Mildred, fail to comprehend the meaning of things in life, instead focusing on understanding the world of their fantasy TV shows. Bradbury emphasizes the importance of thinking independently and forming your own opinions. The majority of people in Fahrenheit 451 have the same opinions and tendencies, which has created a broken, mundane

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