Themes Of Born A Crime

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Gabriel Nyman Mrs. Johnson English 10 May 4, 2023 Born a Crime Theme Essay In Trevor’s book Born a Crime , he teaches many lessons and themes through his experiences and his mom. There are two main themes that Trevor has that build off each other that helps create a single theme, flexibility or freedom and the ability to overcome the pain in your life. Both of these themes allow him to move forward in life and choose challenging decisions. Trevor was able to gain a interesting perspective of life when taught these lessons. These both allow one to move forward and not be scared of pain and decisions, the flexibility to adapt and learn. To continue Trevors way of living and the way he was taugh by his and his life experiences helped him build …show more content…

Both flexibility and the ability to overcome pain has helped Trevor and should also help you through difficult times in your life. For example, Trevor's father, if Trevor had not learned both of his lessons and not met his father he may had regretted his decision to not meet his father later on in life. Having the flexibility and overcoming fear or pain of someone who you may not know want you in their life is difficult. Trevor says this after meeting his father “I walked out of his house that day one inch taller… He chose to have me in his life. Being chosen is the greatest gift you can give to another human being.” (Noah, 110). Trevor gained a lot from not being scared of a decision and going forward with his decision. The last example would be his mom, in the final chapters of the book we get to read the heart reaching moments of his mom being shot. We can see how much she meant to him as he describes himself breaking down. When he reaches the hospital and the nurse who was asking questions tried talking him out of paying for the medical costs but Trevor said this to her “I pressed my credit card into the nurse's hand. “DO whatever you have to do. Just please help my mom.” “ (Noah, 279). Trevor faced a difficult decision of either being in tremendous debt or saving his mother, Trevor chose to save his mother's life with caring for the consequence. This shows that Trevor has the ability to overcome pain and grief and also the flexibility. He took all he learned and took a chance in that moment because he was able to see the situation as it was. If he had chose to not pay and have her taken to another hospital she may have died. Trevor knew what was right and saved the person who taught him most of the lessons he had gained in his

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