Things Fall Apart And British Colonialism

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Questions: 1.How does the British educational system impose white European values onto the Igbo people? In what ways, do the British seek to eradicate the indigenous cultural values of the Igbo tribe through education? 2.Why did the British government impose such absolute values in the quest to eradicate Igbo identity in the Nigerian colonies? 3.In what ways does the British government seek to sublimate Igbo identity by a focus on a “primitive state” in the Igbo tribe? How do the British attempt to raise their own perception of “civilization” over that of the colonial subject? 4.How does Okonkwo retain his pride and cultural identity during the British colonial occupation? What cultural and social values make him less susceptible to British colonial tyranny? 5.How does Okonkwo’s understanding of the family unit define his role as a member of Igbo tribe? What indigenous values in African tribes provide a framework for tribal customs in contrast the white European family values that are imposed on him and his family? 6.Why does Okonkwo become militant in response to British colonialism? In what ways does he take such as radical approach in the opposition of British colonialism? 7.What are the main features of Igbo identity that Okonkwo retained during the British occupation of Nigeria? Analysis Presentation: The novel, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, defines an important literary example of the historical conflict of European colonialism in Nigeria during the

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