Thomas Jefferson Dbq Essay

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In the 1790's Thomas Jefferson was an advocate of States' rights. He has also criticized Federalist policies. Upon his inauguration, Thomas Jefferson was very eager to implement his Democratic-Republican views into the U.S. Government. Jefferson however, turned out to be awfully contradictory to his views before stepping into office. Jefferson altered his views for the future of the young nation. After his election of presidency in 1801, Jefferson started to exercise the power of the national government, which he has opposed before. When Jefferson was presented with hardships, he did not hesitate, to change his views on how the government should have less power.Jefferson saw the nation in the future to be very agricultural, and believe that the common man (Farmers) should have more power. Hypocritical much? Yes, but was it for the good future of the country? In Document A it shows an excerpt from a letter that Thomas Jefferson sent to sir' James Madison. It says that the admission of sales tax to the constitution was an error. It is an instrument that may dismember the union that they have built. Jefferson believed that the people should not pay taxes for the goods that they buy. James Madison And Thomas Jefferson never really got along, Madison was a Federalist whilst Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican. …show more content…

Neglecting the fact that there is no article within the Constitution authorizing him to acquire land, Jefferson used Napoleon’s distraction (which was the conquest of Europe) to buy the Louisiana territory. It helped Napoleon to get rid of his New World worries. Napoleon compared this settlement to saying to your child when they are of age, “I did this for your good. I pretend to no right to bind you, you may disavow me, and I must get out of the scrape as I can. I thought it my duty to risk myself for you” which is a quote found in Document

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