Three Sovereigns For Sarah: The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

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Three Sovereigns for Sarah tells the Story of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, I will explain the Key factors as to why the Witchcraft Hysteria even took place over 300 years ago. First, it’s important to know the background of the dwellers from Salem and origins of the dwellers at the time. Almost 90 years prior to the trials, many British citizens and their families had finally migrated to “The New World” (America) at around 1607, after discovering the new land many sought to begin new lives pursuing a perceived economically successful Country. As Well as Religion played a Huge part in British Migration due to many seeking a Free land where one could freely believe and practice their beliefs without the threat of religious persecution amongst them. From the many Religions to sprout from this transition, the Puritan Belief was one …show more content…

If one was risen to a higher status of economical wealth they were likely to be subdued to a Witch trial due to competition of wealth, especially in a Smaller populated Hamlet. Accusers could easily use this as an excuse due to a sense of Jealousy and lust that evidently could cloud people's minds. There was even the possibility of Financial Compensation to the Accuser's family if the Alleged “Witch” in some way, shape, or form harmed the accuser and/or their family. Not only did Economic Status play a crucial part in the Salem Witch Trials, Power amongst town leaders was crucial in the same sense. Governors from a variety of areas could easily be accused of Witchcraft due to decisions or rules set by a Governor and the accuser having a differing opinion and disagreeing with it in the past. This was proved almost a Year later in 1693 when the The Governor’s Wife was even accused of Practicing Witchcraft in 1693, with great disbelief and an obvious lack of Evidence, the Witch Trial Hysteria was quickly

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