Timeless Tragedy In Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton

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Orlando Ponce Blas Mrs. Bauman English 11 19 January 2023 Timeless Tragedy Ethan Frome is among the best and most memorable books I have ever read. It is so succinctly and exquisitely written that I couldn’t stop reading it. Everyone should read Ethan Frome. Edith Wharton's remarkable writing style, great vocabulary, and unforeseeable plot twists make the book a timeless essential. The plot traps the characters through their own choices and transports the reader into their shoes as they fight the fate they bestowed upon themselves. The story is full of passion, deceit, and immorality, making it extremely intriguing, truly the perfect recipe to keep the reader engaged. Some may argue that the book is terrible because it inappropriately romanticizes …show more content…

Ethan is dumbfounded by this. He is secretly in love with Mattie and can't bear the thought of her leaving. Ethan says, “I don't know what you mean. . . . Mattie Silver’s not a hired girl. She’s your relation” (Wharton 49). Not only is kicking out a family member already extreme, a few lines later, Ethan makes out with Mattie, his wife's cousin! “ ‘What is it—what is it?’ she stammered; but he had found her lips at last and was drinking unconsciousness of everything but the joy they gave him” (51). These two quotes are great examples that highlight how enthralling the plot twists can be; however, the one that draws the most attention and truly baffled me was when Mattie first suggests they kill themselves. This unexpected, bizarre lead-up really conflicted me. I started making predictions about the aftermath which made me question whether I'd like the book. I had big hopes for Ethan and Mattie to work out; the book reveals they don't. Due to Ethan being morally bound to his wife and restricted from his desires by caring about rules set by society's opinions, he accepts and encourages the ill fate suggested by Mattie in order to avoid the problems being with Mattie would impose. They nearly hit the elm tree on their way down from the hill. Unfazed, Mattie says, “Ethan! Ethan! I want you to take me down

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