To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-10 Analysis

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In the passage Jem and Scout walk home during the dark hours,giving Bob Ewell an opportunity to stage an attack. As Bob Ewell attacks them Boo Radley rushes in to rescue Jem and Scout. After this Scout now understands what Atticus meant it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. The killing of a mockingbird is much like killing the innocent. It is beyond a crime and worse than the most heinous atrocities. Scout recognizes the Boo Radley as the mockingbird because he doesn't bother anyone. Scout also recalls the time when Atticus said, " you never really understand a person's point of view until you climb into their skin and crawl around in it." She interprets this as something to always keep in mind and to consider through her journey to womanhood. The setting here is late at night in a darkly lit neighborhood. It's at this point that Bob Ewell is drunk and in an attempt to take his frustration in relation to the Tom Robinson case out on Atticus. Bob Ewell releases his anger out on …show more content…

Boo Radley risked his life to save the children. This show of courage explains to Scout how mockingbirds don't harm us but we benefit from them. Without Boo Radley Scout and Jem would've been injured or killed. Boo Radley displays all the signs of a person who is bold, fearless, and passionate. His boldness and courage can be related to Mrs. Dubose's mental courage of quitting morphine. Boo Radley is compassionate for the children as they communicate through presents and the mysterious hints. As Scout grows older her perspective on Boo changes, from a creepy guy to a friend. Boo Radley is the mockingbird to Scout's understanding, just like Tom Robinson was a mockingbird to Jem. From Atticus's teachings she has learned to develop into a young lady. Atticus's lessons and Boo Radley impacted her view on the world. The lessons have propelled her forward to survive in her

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