To What Extent And Why Did The Colonists Protest

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Why Did the Colonist Protest and How Did They Protest? In this document we will be going over why the colonist protest against the British and how they protested against them. Right now I have two reasons on why the colonist protested and two methods on how they protested. The two reasons on why they protested was, one, The Quartering Act, which allowed soldiers to live in people’s house if needed, and two, The Stamp Act, which it taxed every piece of used printed paper. And now the two ways of how they protested, one of them was Tarring and sometimes Feathering Loyalist (especially British government employees), and method number two was the Boston Non-Importation Agreement, which was a boycott. Later throughout the essay these topics will …show more content…

Lets go over the Boston Non-Importation Agreement because the other is technically terrorism so we go over that later. So in Document Six, the Boston Non-Importation Agreement basically agreed by many people to not buy British so they could not pay the taxes for Britain. The reason why they stopping buying all good from Britain is because the British are forcing a monopoly on the colonist. The cool thing about this was it was a more peaceful protest a.k.a. a boycott. But I do not know how the colonist lived off of without buying any British goods? So now with the more violent method which was the complete polar opposite of the last method. In Document Four, the Tar and Feather method was used on Loyalist (especially British government employees), and also it was not usually fatal (and yes I said it was not fatal), but it was extremely unpleasant to the victim. So here is the method they apply burning hot tar to the skin and left painful blisters and trying to remove makes it worse, and also adding salt to the wound, they sometimes put feathers on you to humiliate you in public and while in pain. By the way did I tell you it was illegal but it was commonly done to British government employees that collect stamp commissions when the act was enacted, there was no stamp commission collectors left. Hm… I wonder what happen to them? But to be honest if I was in there shoes I will probably be scared and just hide in my house and board up the windows, put barbed wire around my house (that was probably not invented during that time but I am just saying), and have a musket attached with bayonet with me at all times, but I probably be already be tarred and be in the hospital already. So do not be a loyalist government employee during that time and place and you be fine. But to be serious this illegal method was

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